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This section of photo's were taken recently at the Grampians National Park.
This park is roughly 200 miles to the East of where we live. I hope you like my photo's. Oh by the way the background is Aboriginal art. The Native name for The Grampians is "GARIWERD"

This shows one of many sandstone outcrops and the great coloured rock.  This is taken from one of many lookouts.
This is called the Balconies,it is a rocky outcrop that is very high and very narrow.It makes for a great lookout. I took this one simply because I liked the view, so I'm a sucker for Scenery.

This was taken about 10 miles from this mountain. Hey, don't pick on me I said I was a sucker for scenery. But it is nice hey?

These next four photo's are for a Cobber of mine. I know how much you like waterfalls.
                 Enjoy mate.


 More soon